by: THeLooX


Automatically tries to get your nick, if its already on use. Also if you get disconnected, it changes your nick to the last one you had. Supports different nicks on different servers.

- An optimization is built in, in case you see the QUIT of the nick you trying to get (same channel).
- Messages in english and spanish.

Copy it to your script directory, and add to your script list.

To stop all GetNicks on all servers, use:


The default time is 60 seconds, to change it, type in any ViRC window:

/@s $LX_GN_Delay = 30

30 is for 30 seconds.

Overrides default NICK event, to avoid multiple "Nick is in use" while trying to get a nick.

size: 1461 bytes
md5: 7719fa97bd907bcdfd085e0111bf349d