by: Angel
Last update: 04/03/2005


This Script allows you to configure wich events should be highlighted or even displayed (Join, Quit, Kick, etc.), gives an "Auto-Join-On Invite"-Option and has various Options for highlighting purposes (restart ViRC after installing and look at Script S

Uses the Nickflash-Script by THEWeirdo (Thank you)

* Included: Nickhighlight, Wordhighlight, Call-command (Seperated Flash-colors: Green, violet, red)
Update: Colors may be specified in the script-settings (Format BGR (reverse RGB))
can be enabeld.
* Additional Sound and/or Taskbarflashing availible for each highlightmode (Update: Each may be configured with a different sound).
(Seperate Words in wordlist with ONE Space)
* Allows to switch off the Display of Joins, Parts, Quits, Mode-, Nick- and Topicchanges
* Some experimental changes (not tested or not functional e.g. Action-Highlights)

size: 108010 bytes
md5: 95145e0ffdbdb9b73e7054a10d59184a