by: Angel
Last update: 09/03/2009


Version 2.0.5
Updated on March, 9th 2009

ReWrite of the Old Hilite-Script.
This One Features now Toolbars and allows a per-Channel Setting for All Highlight-Options...

HiLiT - Second Version (2.0.5)
Updated on March, 9th 2009

* Compatible to Rainbow.vsc, just load this AFTER rainbow.vsc to have both functionalities

This Version is a Complete ReWrite of the First Script I have edited the Flashtab - Alias (by TheWiredo) to specify the Color minimizing the needed Code for all done Flashes

Instead of packing all Settings to the ScriptSettings I made some Toolbars for fast Editing. Only the Colors, Wordlist (seperated by Spaces) and Call- Command were left in the Script-Settings Dialoge Any other Option may be Triggered with the new Toolbars

There is one General Toolbar (allowing Auto-Join on Invite and Automatic Whois on a new Query)

Now There are Several Channel-Toolbars: The First allows to switch the Display of several Events to off (on a per Channel per Network-basis), which is also stored until the next run of Virc

The Next Toolbar allows to switch off Channel-Tab-Highlighting for those Events and normal Messages (is also Stored)

The third Toolbar allows to switch Tabflashing on if the selected Event is Triggered (may be useful for channels which are less active)

The Fourth Toolbar allows a Automatic Whois-on-Join (on a per-channel-basis, may also be useful for Channels which are less active, e.g. Support-channels on small Networks) and a second leave-button, which deletes all channelsettings for this channel and then leaves it (useful for one-time visits to a channel so the configuration of ViRC won't explode

The Last Toolbar allows a per-channel switching of Line-Highlighting or Flashing if it is triggered by a word from the wordlist, Nickhighlight or the call-command.

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